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Overspray is any airborne foreign contaminant, usually from the result of painting projects or industrial fallout, that is capable of blowing miles away and landing on any surface. A vehicle's finish may feel rough to the touch or dull looking. Overspray substances can be various types of paint, sealant or any caustic material.

It really depends on the molding and type of overspray, dissolvable vs. non-dissolvable. We can remove all overspray safely from smooth moldings, but trying to remove overspray from textured moldings can sometimes cause more damage to the molding than the overspray itself. If the moldings are not cleanable then we will go over the other options for you including manufacturer approved refinishing. Refinishing textured plastic molding and parts can save thousands of dollars on a typical overspray claim.

The cost to remove overspray from one vehicle varies depending on type of overspray, vehicle size, location, and also the number of vehicles affected. Nationwide does not charge for any administrative or hidden expenses, only the amount to repair the vehicle. Typical pricing for removing overspray from cars ranges from $250 - $500 per car. The extent and severity of the damage dictates final pricing. Black cars, trucks and SUV's require extra care and time to effectively remove overspray. Conventional repairs for removing overspray from cars through body shops are often 3 to 4 times higher. Most of the time, our overspray experts are able to clean your car in one day, negating the need for rental cars.

The Nationwide Overspray experts gently remove overspray with a careful hand process that does not harm the clear coat. We do not remove overspray with any kind of mechanical buffers. Everything is done by hand. We may use a dual action buffer in the final polishing step to hone the finish to a glossy shine. Proprietary cleaning products and techniques ensure unmatched results. No sanding or buffing is performed to ensure the vehicle is returned to its previous condition or better. These techniques vary depending on the vehicle finish and type of contamination. 30 years of experience has taught us the best method of cleaning for any situation. The Nationwide Overspray experts always start with the least aggressive technique.

The time required for removing overspray from cars varies based on the size, color, and severity of the overspray. One vehicle can take anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete.

Our process is manufacturer approved and dealership recommended. Our process ensures only the overspray contaminant is removed, and the clear coat is neither harmed nor affected.

No. Nationwide Overspray is fully mobile, meaning we will come to your house, school, work, or wherever the vehicle is located and repair it on-site. If the claim is located at a business with multiple cars, our overspray experts set up a schedule to clean while the car owner is at work. No one is inconvenienced.

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