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Inside Overspray

We want to take you into the overspray experience. Meet our family, come to a job site, come with us to the ACE Convention and stories from the field! Only w/ Nationwide Overspray will you get a true insider eduction on what Overspray is and why we are successfully in the business and family run for 30 plus years!

Meet the Family

The Nationwide Overspray Family

Get inside look at the family that has been running and continues to make Nationwide Overspray the best in the business for over 30 years.

How Overspray Happens

Nationwide Overspray to the rescue

A quick look inside an actual occurrence of how overspray might happen in your area and what to do when it does occur.

Meet Mia

Meet our new Spokesmodel

Meet our new spokesmodel and find out where you can meet her in person. You will see her at more trade shows conventions and featured on 'Inside Overspray' Episodes.

Biggest Claim Story

Jim talks about an exciting experience

Find out how Nationwide Overspray came to the rescue on a job that few in the industry could handle from start to finish with some of the best technicians across the globe.

On the Job Site

A candid look on an actual job site

Take a in depth look on how Nationwide Overspray handles a claim from a customer from start to finish. Watch how the team hears about the clients issue and then solves the issue and brings the clients vehicles back to previous conditions or better.

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ACE Convention

Meet Nationwide Overspray in Austin, Texas

Come meet the team and spokesmodel Mia as they take to the convention floor to meet and great everyone answer all your questions. Come be interviewed and find out how Nationwide Overspray is the best in the business for over 30 years!.

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What we do that is different

Take a insiders look at what makes our team the right choice for our Overspray claim and why the Nationwide Overspray team can handle your claim with the most current technology.

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Continuing Education

Never stop learning

Find out why the Nationwide Overspray family continues to be educated on all the right knowledge to handle your claim with the continued excellence you can count on. They never stop learning so you know you are with the best in the business.

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On Site Stories

An insider look to some past claims

Learn about some of the biggest claims around the globe that Nationwide Overspray was called into action to save the day. Learn how there is not a issue that has come into play that Nationwide Overspray was not ready for the challenge.

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Overspray Removal Process

Our hand process gently removes overspray without harming the clearcoat. Proprietary cleaning products and techniques ensure unmatched results. These techniques vary depending on the vehicle finish and type of contamination. Detail shops may not be skilled enough or knowledgable enough to understand the exact nature of the contamination. Often the detail company will use a mechanical buffer to clean epoxy for instance, and will inadvertantly put scratches on the surface of the car they are cleaning. Detailing certainly has it's place but may not be appropriate for cleaning overspray contamination.

Overspray Examples

Insurance Adjuster

We share your desire to make any claim go smoothly!

Nationwide Overspray is your partner for any size claim. We share your desire to make the claim go smoothly and satisfy all parties. Overspray claims can be delicate situations. We are problem solvers.

Painter / Contractor

We get you back on the job quickly!

For Self Insured Painters and Contractors, we specialize in rapid response overspray removal and claim management to get you back on the job quickly. We provide full documentation and reporting.

Car Owner

We know you love your car, we do too!

Nationwide Overspray's hand process gently removes overspray not harming the clear coat. We do not remove overspray with any kind of mechanical buffers. Everything is done by hand.