Nationwide Auto Services

Nationwide Auto Services provides Gold Standard Quality Control Process.Their approach is unique because of providing a variety of on-site repair, inspection and many other technical services.

Nationwide Auto Services

Industry Leading Automotive Solutions provider

As one of the largest OEM Services in the country, Nationwide Auto Services , Inc. (NAS) provides a varied mix of services. Performed by the extensively trained and experienced members, Nationwide Auto Services , Inc. can customize systems to most effectively assist you with your needs.

Nationwide Auto Services , Inc. is one of the most experienced servicers around, servicing Vehicle Processing, Technical Support, Damage Recovery and Claim Management with great level of knowledge, expertise and experience. We are versatile, innovative, practical, fast and ready to assist you and your needs, anywhere.

Customer Service

Nationwide Overspray works with insurance companies, self-insured entities, contractors, automobile manufacturers, vehicle processing centers and the general public. ISO 9001:2008 certified, we strive for perfection in cleaning each vehicle, and our ability to adapt to customer’s needs is our top priority. Our uniformed overspray technicians are certified, fully insured and ready to respond within 24 hours to handle your claim because we know that speed to the site is critical.

Claim Management

Nationwide Overspray excels in claim management. Whether it’s 10 vehicles or 10,000 vehicles, our turnkey process ensures that any size claim is handled successfully on a global level from the initial call to post-project reporting. Technology works with Nationwide Overspray from our electronic liability releases to administrative reporting and support.

There is more to overspray removal.

It’s not just the cleaning process. We handle all of the details on the claim so you won’t have to. For self-insured businesses we specialize in rapid response overspray removal and claim management to get you back on the job quickly. For insurance companies we work with all parties closely to minimize costs and close the claim to everyone’s satisfaction.

CE Classes

Need CE Credit? Nationwide Overspray is a Continuing Education Provider. Our online 1 Credit Course is interesting, informative and fun. Best of all, it’s FREE.

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