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Types of Overspray

Urethane foam

Urethane foam is used for insulation, such as roofs. It is useful for insulation as it can be delivered in the form of a spray, which then hardens. This means the foam can be applied to any area and will fit the space perfectly. Since it is sprayed outdoors, there is a high probability of overspray. It is a one of the most difficult substances to remove.


Spray paint is the most common form of vandalism. This type of overspray is usually confined to a single car. Spray paint can be removed safely and takes softening of the paint to remove successfully.

Chemical Fallout

The settling to the ground of airborne particles ejected into the atmosphere from the earth by explosions, eruptions, forest fires, industrial plants or rail facilities. Examples of chemical fallout include iron dust, soot or volcanic ash. Each overspray event is evaluated to find the best method of removal.

Latex Paint

Paint that has a latex binder and can be removed while it is wet by applying water. If allowed to dry on a vehicle, the least aggressive method of removal has positive results.


Any of various usually thermosetting resins capable of forming tight cross-linked polymer structures characterized by toughness, strong adhesion, and low shrinkage, used especially in surface coatings and adhesives. Epoxy is the most common form of overspray due to it’s wide use in many commercial applications. When sprayed without protection, the result is small dots that sometimes cannot be seen on the vehicle. The surface feels rough to the touch like sandpaper. Epoxy will not penetrate the clear coat and can be removed safely from smooth surfaces.

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