Liability Determination

We provide, through a third party, analysis of paint or other contaminants with liability determination from Nationwide Overspray.

Our Service

Lab Analysis

As one of our areas of expertise, Nationwide Overspray assists, helps and guides customers with Liability Determination through lab analysis.

We made this process innovative and painless, and a part of our comprehensive solution for your overspray needs.

Sample Analysis

Samples as small as a period at the end of a sentence 30-50 microns can be analyzed. The spectra act as chemical “fingerprints” which can be matched to reference materials or known paint sources. Dot -by- dot analysis allows for finding multiple easier due to single OS analysis method.

Sample collection is performed using a defined process guaranteeing the integrity of the sample.

Liability Determination

We determine who is responsible for the overspray with sample analysis using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

It’s possible wind speed, direction records, and other liability tests may be required.

What is FTIR?

FTIR is a technology that can identify chemicals using an infrared light source to measure absorption. First, the sample is exposed to different wavelengths of infrared light and the instrument measures which wavelengths are absorbed.

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