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Types of Overspray Cleaned
Enamel, Urethane, Lacquer, Tar/Oil, Iron Dust, Spray Paint, Vandalism, Road Spray, Environmental Fallout, Chemical Emissions, Industrial Coatings, Concrete Epoxy Paint
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Hand Cleaned
We care about your vehicle’s finish. That’s why we clean your vehicle by hand, gently removing paint overspray or other contaminants.
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We provide professional overspray removal services. Our hand process gently removes overspray without harming the paint surface or clear coat. Proprietary cleaning products and techniques ensure unmatched results. These techniques vary depending on the vehicle finish and type of contamination.

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Claim Management

We do more than just paint overspray removal. We handle all the details of the claim from beginning to end including daily reporting & electronic liability releases.

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We're Mobile

Our highly skilled overspray removal services specialists respond quickly to claims. The onsite services also eliminate the need for rental cars and other administrative expenses.

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Our Services

Since 1982, we have processed more than 600,000 claims. Our removal process is done by hand, and we service any part of the USA, Mexico and Canada.

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Professional Paint Overspray Removal

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Proprietary Cleaning Techniques

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All Cleaning By Hand

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Vehicle Returned To Its Previous Condition or Better

Customer Comments

Overspray Removal Process

Overspray can happen in a number of different ways when unwanted paint or contaminant tarnishes the appearance of a vehicle.

Understanding the exact nature of the contamination is key.
Proprietary cleaning products and techniques ensure unmatched results.
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Antique Car Collection Case Study

Antique Car Collection Valued At 20 Million Dollars Damaged By Paint Overspray The damage was discovered as the cars were being prepped to appear in …

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Port of Savannah Case Study

Export Vehicle Contamination Event Over a Thanksgiving weekend, Nationwide Auto Services (NAS) was contacted by a major global OEM to inspect and identify a process …

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Ship Fire Damage Case Study

Multiple Vehicles Impacted Large car carrier ships traverse the oceans every day. Most arrive with their cargo intact and all pickups and deliveries are made …

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