Overspray Removal From a Car

It’s a frustrating feeling, getting overspray to paint on your car. You didn’t even do it, but you have to deal with it. Does it even come off? Is your paint job ruined?

Before you get to scraping paint from your precious car, you should know there is a proper way to get that overspray off. Having the right knowledge and equipment to remove car overspray will not only save you enormous time but will keep the base paint of your car from damage.

Continue to read for important tips on overspray removal.

Types of Paint

The first thing you’ll want to assess before trying to remove car overspray is the type of paint you’re removing. This is important to consider for choosing the proper lubricant needed to remove the paint.

There are two major types of paint:

Oil-based: Oil-based paints are used for projects that require a long lifespan or need to be resistant to scratches and damage. These paints are made up of oil bases and require special solvents to break down.

Acrylic-based: Acrylic-based paints are used in projects requiring quick-dry solutions. They are water-based and use water solvents to break down.

Take some time to discover what type of paint the overspray is, as well as the type of paint that your paint job used. Standard automotive paint is acrylic-based, but some lacquers (the clearcoat on your vehicle) can be oil-based.

Knowing the type of paint the overspray is can help you choose the right lubricant to use. For lighter, acrylic-based paints, you may only need to use soap and water. For tougher paint and lacquer, you might consider a paint thinner or degreaser (such as WD40).

Overspray Removal Methods

After you know the type of paint that makes up the overspray, you can begin to clean your car. There are a couple of effective methods you can use depending on the location of the overspray. Both methods will require a specific tool. 

The most versatile and effective method to remove car overspray is using a clay bar. This is an elastic resin putty used to mold around contaminants on the surface of your car. Pressing the clay bar against car overspray helps pull it off glass or paint.

Another method to remove car overspray is using a putty scraper. Using an appropriate lubricant, you can use a scraper to peel the overspray from windows. This can be a quick way to remove a lot of paint.

Choosing the right method to use is pretty straightforward. While clay bars are effective on every surface, it will take some time to remove all the paint. 

This could mean a lot of work if you have a lot of overspray to remove.

For big areas, especially on windows, you might have an easier time removing overspray using a putty scraper. It can take off big sections of paint quickly. Be careful using this method on your paint job, however.

Overspray Paint Removal Considerations

The process should be taken seriously when you want to remove car overspray. Done without caution, you can cause major damage to your car’s surface. Here are some important aspects to consider while you clean your car. 

While a clay bar can remove overspray from any surface, you can still get carried away using it. Even though the tool is malleable, there are micro-abrasions in it that help create the friction needed to remove the paint. Going over one spot too much or pressing too hard can leave small cuts in the paint, and enough cuts can dull your paint job. 

Once your paint is dull, there’s no going back.

It could very well be the only working method, however, if the overspray is on your car’s paint job, you might not use a putty scraper. When you do, you’ll have to press with just the right amount of pressure. Press too hard, and you can scratch your paint. 

Consider where the overspray is located. If it’s on your windows, you’ll have more options to remove it. 

Remember, regardless of the tool you’re using, it is important to use the proper lubricant. This will keep your tools from digging into your car paint while also loosening the overspray. 

Finally, you’ll want to think about the amount of time it will take for the overspray paint removal. For someone with ample free time, you can focus on doing a quality job. 

A clay bar is a tool that works slowly. Use patience when rubbing the clay bar against your car to remove the overspray gently. 

Alternatively, putty scrapers can make quick work of large sections of paint. However, they won’t be as effective in inconspicuous areas. 

For a professional job, remember that overspray will cover many areas of your car, including tight and awkward areas. A clay bar will help reach difficult corners where overspray found its way in.

DIY vs Professionals

Even with as much care and knowledge as you can find, there is still a possibility of damaging your car while removing overspray. It may be worth your time and money to consider taking your vehicle to an overspray removal professional. 

There are several benefits to taking your car to an expert. Many professionals know the intricacies of removing overspray and opt to work with hand methods. They own high-quality tools and lubricants specifically designed to clean your car. And with many years of experience in the industry, they will waste no time returning your car to its former condition.

Find the Right Professional to Remove Car Overspray

You won’t want to take your car to any auto body shop to clean the overspray from your car. General auto shops can use mechanical solutions that press overspray into your paint job and leave scratches. 

You’ll want to confirm that the professional you use has the proper experience. For more information on the overspray removal process, check out Nationwide Overspray’s services.

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