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For Self Insured Painters and Contractors:

We specialize in rapid response paint overspray removal and claim management to get you back on the job quickly. We provide full documentation, including overspray liability release forms, photos, paint samples and daily reporting.

We're Committed

Nationwide Overspray is committed to helping you not only repair affected vehicles and remove paint overspray, but to save you money and time by satisfying car owners and getting the job completed as quickly as possible. We use a variety of gentle hand techniques to remove paint overspray and guarantee that the vehicle is returned to the previous condition or better. A release form is signed for every car cleaned and sent to you with our daily reporting. Removing paint overspray has never been easier.

Our Process:

All done by hand with no mechanical buffering, Nationwide Overspray’s gentle techniques are guaranteed to not scratch the painted surface of vehicles or harm clear coats. We use a variety of techniques, depending on the particular contaminant, to remove paint overspray from all surfaces and also plastic trim. All vehicles are finished with a high gloss wax to make them shine. We specialize in the removal of enamel, urethane, lacquer, tar/oil, iron dust, spray paint, vandalism, road spray, environmental fallout, chemical emissions, industrial coatings, concrete and epoxy paint.

Mobile Crews:

Here at Nationwide Overspray, we know that a quick response is everything. Our highly qualified overspray removal technicians will respond to any claim no matter its location – our extreme mobility enables us to work anywhere around the country as well as the globe.

Customer Service:

Removing paint overspray is just one part of what we do – our goal is to make you happy and let you focus on your business. With our highly motivated office support personnel and onsite overspray removal technicians, we do all the legwork on the claim for you. Sit back and relax – let us take care of all the paperwork.

Electronic Reporting:

Besides knowing all the ins and outs of overspray removal, we’re doing our part to reduce paper and save you the hassle of multiple forms – in 2012, we introduced our iPad liability release forms. Now with a simple electronic signature, claimants can now receive fully daily reports after the necessary data is uploaded to our office.

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