Overspray Removal Services

No matter the type of overspray or the number of vehicles, we will meet and exceed your expectations for quality, price and service. Our overspray removal services include administration of the claim including liability determination, daily reporting and documenting each vehicle with photos and signatures for liability release.

Our Services

How We Do It

Step 1: Pre-Clean Inspection; Prior Damage Noted

Step 2: Vehicle Washed

Step 3:  Gentle Hand Removal of Contaminant

Step 4:  All Trim and Plastic Parts Cleaned

Step 5:  2 – Stage Final Hand Wax

Step 6: Vehicle Returned to it’s Previous Condition or Better

Step 7:  Post Clean Inspection and Election Liability Release Signed

Step 8: Happy Owner and Satisfied Client

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Our Process – Knowing how to properly remove overspray saves money with no repainting and admin costs like rental cars. The overspray removal process is done completely by hand without any mechanical buffing that may scratch the painted surface or clear coat.

When you search for car auto-service for paint removal near me, Nationwide Overspray in Dallas is your best choice.

We use a variety of techniques depending on the particular contaminant to remove all the overspray from the painted surface and plastic trim. The vehicles are finished with a high gloss wax making the finish shine.

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For Self Insured Businesses

We specialize in rapid response overspray removal services (including paint overspray removal) and claim management to get you back on the job quickly. For insurance companies, we work with all parties closely to minimize costs, keep the parties happy and close the claim to everyone’s satisfaction. There is no company better equipped to clean overspray than Nationwide Overspray. We provide full documentation including professional overspray removal liability release forms, photos, paint samples and daily reporting.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping you not only repair affected vehicles, but also to save you money and time from an administrative standpoint. Our paint overspray removal technicians use a variety of gentle hand techniques and guarantee that the vehicle is returned to the previous condition or better, so that the owners are completely satisfied.

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Professional Paint Overspray Removal

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Proprietary Cleaning Techniques

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All Cleaning By Hand

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Vehicle Returned To Its Previous Condition or Better

Types of Overspray We Specialize in

Liability Determination

Nationwide knows how to clean overspray. Our professional overspray removal technicians can help you determine who is responsible for the overspray occurrence with sample analysis, wind speed and direction records, and other liability tests.

Water Reclamation

Upon request, our water reclamation units allow for the removal and safe disposal of potentially hazardous contaminants, eliminating any harm to the environment. We have used these units for handling claims that include chemical emissions, environmental fallout, acid rain, paint overspray removal, and more.

Reporting and Tracking Systems

Our technology solution is an efficient process of gathering VIN’s electronically and uploading them to the Internet portal on a daily basis for easy customer access and internal reporting. This system provides tremendous savings in time and cost. Clients love it for the documentation it provides, which cuts down on unnecessary status update phone calls.

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