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We serve many different business and individuals, to narrow it down our overspray removal services focuses on car owners, insurance adjusters, and painter contractors.

Whether it’s one car or one thousand, we will manage your claim and repair the damage. We clean vehicles, boats, properties, motorcycles and more.

Who we serve In OVERspray removal business

We're Committed to Helping Our Clients from Start to Finish

If you’re in the auto-industry, or an Insurance Adjuster, Painter/Contractor, or Car Owner, look no further than Nationwide Overspray for your overspray solutions. Nationwide Overspray is your one-stop-shop for all types of overspray removals. Nationwide Overspray’s process is consistent and professional from the initial call to the final sign-off.

What differentiates us from others are our proud and passionate people, with excellent and unparalleled customer service built on knowledge and experience.

Nationwide Overspray’s goal above all is to remediate the damage and have all parties involved satisfied with the results. That’s why you hire Nationwide Overspray.

nationwide overspray dallas insurance adjuster

Insurance Adjuster

We provide full documentation and work with all parties closely to close insurance claims to everyone's satisfaction.

nationwide overspray dallas painter water tower


For self-insured businesses, we specialize in rapid response overspray removal and claim management to get you back on the job quickly.

nationwide overspray dallas car owners

Car Owner

We treat your car with the care it deserves - our gentle overspray removal process is done by hand to ensure quality results.


  • Damage inspected/pricing determined.
  • Site logistics setup.
  • Master list received.
  • Claimants contacted and scheduled.
  • Pre-clean inspection (prior damage noted).
  • Gentle hand cleaning process initiated.
  • All trim and plastic parts cleaned.
  • Vehicle given a 2-stage wax.
  • Post clean inspection.
  • Electronic liability release signed with photos.
  • Daily progress report generated.

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