Antique Car Collection Case Study

nationwide overspray dallas Antique Car

Antique Car Collection Valued At 20 Million Dollars Damaged By Paint Overspray The damage was discovered as the cars were being prepped to appear in a local parade in Carrollton, Texas in August of 2010. The damaged was assessed the day the initial call came in. At the same time a team of cleaning experts […]

Port of Savannah Case Study

nationwide overspray dallas port

Export Vehicle Contamination Event Over a Thanksgiving weekend, Nationwide Auto Services (NAS) was contacted by a major global OEM to inspect and identify a process to remove paint overspray from 800 non- U.S. spec export vehicles destined for New Zealand/Australia customers. Objective was to complete all vehicles prior to next vessel loading. Due to vessel […]

Ship Fire Damage Case Study

nationwide overspray dallas ship

Multiple Vehicles Impacted Large car carrier ships traverse the oceans every day. Most arrive with their cargo intact and all pickups and deliveries are made without incident. However, there are accidents that happen at sea. Early in 2017 Nationwide Auto Services was informed of a fire at sea damaging an unknown number of vehicles. In […]

The RV Overspray Case Study

nationwide overspray dallas rv

There are occasions when wind, temperature, elevation and substance come together in a way that harms the next door neighbor’s business. This was the case at a very large Recreational Vehicle dealership. Next door is an oil field equipment company. They continually sandblast and paint metal parts. Ordinarily it’s not an issue but in this […]