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The RV Overspray Case Study

There are occasions when wind, temperature, elevation and substance come together in a way that harms the next door neighbor’s business. This was the case at a very large Recreational Vehicle dealership. Next door is an oil field equipment company. They continually sandblast and paint metal parts. Ordinarily it’s not an issue but in this case over 200 RV’s were impacted with paint overspray.

Nationwide Overspray® got the assignment from a large insurance company for the RV’s overspray removal. We sent over 20 people to the site to do estimates and begin cleaning personal cars and dealership RV’s. Our success at these type of situations relies on our ability to quickly assess and identify the damage and cleaning processes needed for successful and timely cleaning. We have to get the RV’s back to showroom condition so the dealership can sell them.

We worked closely with the dealership owner to prioritize vehicles. Sales of these RV’s are strong so it’s important to know which ones to clean first. We kept the owner and the insurance company informed of progress with daily updates and notes.

Nationwide Overspray® works overtime to make sure the job is done correctly and on time.

Responding quickly to any overspray situation is our goal. We hope precautions are in place to prevent overspray. However, we know that accidents can happen and you need a trustworthy and professional partner to get the job done.

Our job is to help you evaluate the situation to come up with a workable plan.

1. Survey the damage
2. Prepare estimates
3. Set up a cleaning site
4. Repair vehicles to the owner’s satisfaction
5. Get signed liability releases and photo documentation

Cleaning overspray from vehicles is just one part of what we do. Our claim management system improves constantly by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

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